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1vezzy – mute(outro) lyrics


mute (outro)

mute, mute, mute

i’m on mute, cause i been tempted by all the women that’s calling me cute, but don’t wanna take the step to step to you, she wanna argue bout the b-tch checkin you

mute, mute, mute

i’m on mute, cause i don’t wanna diss the rappers that’s lightning my fuse, how you ditch yo girl to be yo wit yo dudes, shit is fufu

volume on zero, you told me i’m yo hero, looking at the sky, sun in yo eyes you just got hit with an arrow, i’m just the humans pharaoh, but i can’t speak on that, the weak gone eat on that, it’s my treat i don’t need nun back

mute, mute, mute, mute, mute