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1wayfrank – whole lotta cash lyrics


no silver spoons
b-tch i stick & move
i’m the black tim allen
b-tch i keep that tool
i don’t play by the rules if you do you will loose
have you ever seen a duck pull a truck fool
i’m the truth, i’m in the coupe i
got the top down
i’m coming through i’m
sliding goods too they salute i
got so much love for the hood i
duffle up duffle up duffle up jook
and give ya hoe skraight wood
i’m a city boy from the city side
i was hitting l!cks on sunrise
wake up early morning i’m snapping’
b-tch i don’t give a f-ck if you trappin’
or who ya people is i gotta have it
& if that hoe booty fat imma grab it
look, 1way from that gutta
hoe i’m so smooth like b-tter
pockets fat like ruben studdard
country boy in oklahoma
on route plenty land like i’m from here
florida boy broward county ft lauderdale
boy you will get popped like an x pill
don’t k!ll my vibe homie just chill


1-way be snapping
whole lotta cash on me (x4)

i’m groovy and i’m choosy
bad b-tches trynna seduce me
came a long way from ducking in that hoopty
got the skreets behind me like i’m lil boosie
i just bought a tech and dropped a tat on my neck
stay cost up yup gotta stay blessed
gotta keep a check, yup n-gga thats a bet
it’s so much money out here

(pre bridge)
young n-gga stack that bread
don’t do it if ya scared
& if you do it use your head
you ain’t gotta car better use your legs (x2)

1way be snappin’
1way be snappin’
i really be snappin’ these dudes they be cappin’
i really be snappin’ these dudes they be cappin'(x2)