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1xfighter – trevahn crosby lyrics


[intro: 1xfighter]
oh please don’t go
be my friend, please, bro
we’ve been together since the beginning, i know
i’m annoying although
i care about you so
don’t leave me in the snow
the temperature is so f+cking low
you just had to leave me all alone

[verse: 1xfighter]
i need someone to catch me falling ’cause i be feeling depressed
i swear to god when i’m unhappy, you can be the best
been growing up together, just in different nests
this sh+t so ice cold like toothpaste so call it crest
now when i come to school i’m just another guest
we used to have dreams of being rich, just talking off our chest
man, sh+t used to be good, but with drama, it’s just a mess
just try to keep your feelings in, even when you want them to be expressed
sometimes sh+t’ll turn around on you and get you on house arrest
even saying a meme, like, “wanna f+ck? haha, jk.. unless?”
leon was my best friend, used to act like you were a pest
with that saying, fourth grade through fifth grade, our friendship went to rest
really wish i would’ve treated you like you were an ammunition chest
in fortnite, wouldn’t have opened you up, i’m guessing that you would’ve guessed
this song has lots of sorrow, and you might think that i’m obsessed
but i just need to tell you these things cause i’m feeling real compressed
talkin bout i’m weird, but you talkin bout incest
stop being a hypocrite, you’re making other people stressed
i still love you though, no h0m+ yo, you’re not a hoe, i think i completed my quest

[outro: 1xfighter]
oooooooooooooh, trevahn you’re my best friend
i’m really happy that you decided we can be friends again