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2 face (a-butta and l-swift) – hey hey hey (radio) lyrics


2 face (a-b-tta and l-swift) – “hey hey hey”
[emcee(s): l-swift and a-b-tta]
[producer(s): the creators (juliano and si spex)]

[bridge: a-b-tta and l-swift]
2 face letting it blow, plus getting the dough
we be checking your ho while you sweating the flow

[verse 1: l-swift and a-b-tta]
i be’s
intellectual, incredible, but flexible
i’ll turn a virgin s-xual. impeccable but technical
i’ll be
the first letter. you ain’t know? check the alphabetical
order of my natural elements’ chemical slaughter to leave your
crew more bloodier than menstrual waters
on the 28th. your thoughts are pennyweight. i’ma gene-
-rate these bombs. watch as i detonate
at any rate, i separate like races—n-ggas segregate you
featherweights. l and a-b-u-double-t-a. i spray
emcees like ck, from ny like dk. yo, each day
i cause mayhem, um, like my dj (you know the deal), and blow
parties out like candles on the cake on b-day. i end
battles like d-day, so check me. yo, what i look like? the
sat? don’t stress me or test me. let’s see who the best be
i’ll leave you
messy. heavens to betsy, i gets nasty like
old b-tches trying to be s-xy, sporting bikinis
i squash emcees like zucchini
ayyo, l, imagine
houdini puffing two beaties that’s green and (yo, a, you got it wrong. yo, yo)
imagine houdini f-cking two genies, puffing two
beaties, watching the same thing on different tvs

[verse 2: a-b-tta and l-swift]
ayyo, let’s get back to this
creators cd. i’m crazy. our beat is freaky
n-ggas ain’t seeing me like a middle eastern peace treaty. it be that
2 face who get your crew laced. what?!? my breath’s pumping
i need some toothpaste—what? ha, i get looser than an upside
ayyo, i’m sticking
n-ggas for their blue face—i’ll take. your crew fake like
2pac. don’t got to wonder who shot you (who shot y’all?!?). i’ll bruise spots like
twenty-two shots from an ooh-wop
my shots’ll make your squad
bounce like doo-wop. i used to write rhymes on grant project
rooftops, and now my crew rocks from bx to new lots
i see s-x like two cops arresting prost-tutes
on forty dudes
back in the day, when i was portable
to leave my enemies historical. now i get shorties loose
but they hardly satisfy me like a quart of juice
i never bought our moose boots, timberlands to woolridge
i’ll fool kids like elementary school kids
a be on the
block like new kids. l, he just wanna battle
yo, they must be
r-t-rded, deaf, dumb, blind, slow, and stupid
true, kid. natural
e, we got your heart like cupid on valentine’s day
see, when we do sh-t, we m-ssacre the palestine way
i be on
a shorty’s skin like calamine spray when she got chickenpox
call mayhem sir ‘cause he mix-a-lot. b-tches
suck my d-ck a lot. i got the master key while you be
picking locks
on my block, n-ggas be flipping rocks ‘cause, see, a-b-tta
don’t give two f-cks. i’ll bust on mics like true nuts
for two bucks, i’ll wet your whole clique like the klu klux
my crew rush, plus we roll thick just like a school bus
whoever try to duel us must be very foolush
yo, natural e, we’re too much. we be all up in your mouth like a toothbrush
come touchhuh, you must be on some new dust. my crew rush
like hours in the midday in new york city
natural e clique stay tight. l, i know you’re tipsy
we f-cking ain’t right. yo, a, you with me?
n-ggas be puffing l’s
in broad daylight. uh huh, son, we’re getting busy
used to kiss me and diss me. that’s why i left my ex-b-tch free
and now she call me back because she miss me
l, forget it. she gon’ come back just like a frisbee
it’s 2 face with, um, four eyes/i’s like mississippi. i give
a girl a hickey to signify that she was with me
until then, i’ll catch you on the blindside. creators hitman
you’ll get me. i’ll be the flexer (what’d you say?), mic molestor
“mic checka” like das efxer
i’ll make you worship me like mecca (yo, what you mean?)
collecting green (yo, what you mean?), wrecking the scene
plus blessing the fiends
yo, son, i got b-tches resting in queens like
elizabeth. i be getting fresh like doug e. ‘cause my slugs be
busting up through your rugby. you couldn’t mugg me if
you was cypress hill dj. b-tches ditch for this
“all in the game” like ea
creators blindside
rewind for an instant replay. creators blindside
rewind for an instant replay