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2 la kil – all my life lyrics


laps days
around the rays
it’s hot and you shade
on every thought
and option raised
against the climate state
it’s already reality
you just got to do the shaping
clay or paste either way
it’s in stone
like this a mason
the makeshift if
this was grave+shift
i hate the mission but i beg to differ
you dig ?
i bury . you fury
you’d never shame me

to use caution behoove them
who lost in the groove
the mood false we confused
the language should removed
when you use it stamina proving the food
damage it camera view the antidote
to all the run errands on n+ggas
who can’t compare to the one
i can’t care for ya
if you cross you lost me
fair me one
i can’t depict it good description
the area choose to drop bombs
who’s the not …
who biggie or pac ?
a war in hip hop
it so hard
so what oh lord man
my god
when u try
and you try again
some stars so far
that your rock+ket
can’t maintain
the offense
is obscene
object is to obtain
the octane in the
in the tank
make it range out
for more mileage
sorry sorry my college
was in default
before higher education
the morgue into legislation
record my presentation to cure
there revelation revolves
in segregation for more classist
wh0re you can’t afford the boy
i assist the force
for support resorted
to 4 in the mornin
when i be sore and yawning
pulled the door
bonded out the reason
i dig it all underground
then lead the railroad
to the lord | freedom
is in the heart
in the brain listen mister
the bistro in the business
listen lil hoe you l!ck the d+ck doe
either way we
got to get it
hear the devils whisper
a mystery no witness
that case got it discontinued
countdown blast off
sign supply the venue
crazy how that
pen use often
several times will pin you
padded walls
the message
that sh+t ain’t no issue
ain’t no walk and ties
to press it
bless it best it
p+ss ya off
and make you
step ya game up
same sh+t
different drawers
same kid
a little grown
drip or drown
pain is
just a thought
got the nerve
got the words
lost in art | now
lane switch
different car
frame me
picture perfect
irving julius that’s
kyrie versions
just a little worst
for the minute
but evident
i’m kinda slurring
mental caution
what you want?
that’s worth
that’s why it’s so
important that i just get a
bentley cause incidentals
made me an accident
so instrumental to the time continuum
it’s great i got to get it
blowing through your window
feeling like a boss now shall i continue
big ole
middle finger once i got to send you
then time it slow down
i saw it like it was me and office
you turned around 3 times
to make sure you dead the coffin
bob barker profit off us regardless
if you corporate the price is right
might pay your tithes to wage war with
a higher plan as it
flops my mark was made off the launch pad spot
and marathon relay pick up baton
you had set it off blazed so far from mind
it wasn’t homage it was just nonsense
so forty in law so before i’m unconscious
devil get up off me devil get up off me
the moon the tides the soft the rock
its hard to give an honest opinion
college dead diplomacy prerogative
is stop all equality prospect paula brockenborough
look what you started hero
call up into arlington department sergeant
tell em we gon need to talk to the ones in power
and f+ck washington congress bonkers
call it how i saw it ripping southeast look like chicago
they right next to baltimore that look like compton yeh
way lead in the murder rate all them round like conferences
grieve for me but don’t you touch my woman man
or we gon need to counsel you revolt all the poverty
yeah the evil all around us he controls the ground
and i’m hip to whiz and deals fiscades
and i just know just how to stop it but
the demon he just pries his pitchfork in my head then
i feel so even inside
.what the f+ck ?
f+ck the lies
deposit the money in my account
toxic we gon need to drop them bombs usa
our lives save our kind
save our livelihood
save our minds
make our times
often raise broaden all our horizons
day risers praise my shrine