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2 la kil – leave it lyrics


she gon mark it down
because it’s for sale
she gon’ mark it down
like d+mn

she only feels pretty
in them still pictures
the make up builds
all her in defenses
mill ticket
that’ll introduce her
her prince
mask & steal
stick up
made amends
the evidence
it never ever wins
that’s unless she
sees her star shining
that’s her neverland
take her spirit to a paradise
she never ever been
heaven high without them xanax pills
in her skeletons
devil yellow take em out the closet
like r. kelly well we
melting telling everything our lives
in a sh+ll and been
mellowed by the bellows
of the beast i’m in the medal tin
trying to tell her give me all your heart
and your melanin
i could turn you to a piece of art
if you felling it
let me tell you something
i been wanting all your effort d+mn
really veil em sell him
all that other sh+t
you fly like lil pelican
u had nothing but your sailing soul
setting precedent
measurements of mesomerics
church i’m bout to mail it
send mess it up & press it
with your pressure
on these jealous men
set your bar as high
as your high
felon fired on the spot
tell em bye now
what a time to be alive
so why u go for suicide
picking lies for the life
know your eyes on the prize
and if not then your die
i just hope ya fire as your sign
you been true to that
let me hold that thought
let her feel the victim
pedal wheel the piston
number one
big shot billups
net & it’s a
test of zin
sin pretty windy
on her road of gold
that elephant
in the room is booming
out the risk
stand the testament
i just see a lot in your potential
girl you excellent
smoking all the hocus pocus opioids
and heroin | but i overdose
by your potency estrogen
got me on a stroll
for the most high
you devilish
i could never find em
cause u side with the featherweight
ima take my time

she gon mark it down
because it’s for sale
she gon’ mark it down
like d+mn
she only feels pretty
in them still pictures
the make up builds
all her in defenses

feels pretty