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2 la kil – the hidden tape lyrics


its all about odog n-gga
i’m larger than that n-gga steven segal
i’m going to be a f-cking movie star off that sh-t

look n-gga i told you to stop showing the f-cking tape

man why you keep b-tching about my tape

ain’t sh-t gon happen, aight ?

(first verse)
i’m dying for a jewel like romeo
spitting lines trying to find
the kind of rhyme we on
the dimes on my lies past donkey kong
like who the f-ck decided to bring an atari home ?
i’m newer with the style more mario
hanging with my bros i’m an oddball
chicks in the club falling off the walls
and they gon give it up to me all i want
when i put it on her b-tt it shine like armor oil
and she l!cking on the mf caramel
women love to have a thug that can hold the block
down to the spur like admiral
balling on you b-tches when i hold the rock
eating like the riches caviar
tasting so delicious as i’m cleaning off the dishes
like can i have more cause i need it i’m so greedy
i’m doing it for the love of hip-hop like stevie
and the rhymes coming on so strong like the weed
be helping me think it all up so its easy
and helping it get it all out so its neat
i’m smoking on this cigarillo its peach
and my trouble with the law
couldn’t help but be to myself
when i’m smoking my l
discreet on my level when i let go
my n-gga the f-ck can’t you tell
that i got to be h-ll
praying that i don’t end up in a cell
praising this trouble but all i want really
is love and i love you but you don’t f-ck with me
but all of my soldiers be telling me get it
and b-tch the rules i am bending
your business is none of mine
thats like kermit drinking tea
taste delicious

why you admire
money , power , respect

i got a lady call her baby
a mistress in la
rider in dc
and a wife in pg
and they love to see me control
money power respect

(second verse)
and the women come with control
yea you f-cking know
all that money power and gold
that gave me control over this
motherf-cking whole globe
so i’m robbing your store like o-dog
you just standing there like oh no
n-gga you a grown man
you just p-ss on your self
you call for your riders they don’t help
they be backstabbing you
its crazy what that black mask will do
and stanley ipkiss can get masked up to
go rob the bank and you dudes ya’ll ain’t
for the real on the contrary to your belief
i’m more than what you thought
and ya’ll said i would be
you n-ggas can’t stop me
no more misery
i have had it with all the control

(third verse)
it’s like the system put me under
sea level n-gga i can’t hold my breath
much longer i’m drowning in a river
praying jesus can you walk
i’m wading in the water can you hear me n-gga
my rise on serious
i can’t forget to pay the t-the
for all the sin i did
and the coward howl muriel
i been on the serial
kiling in the bas-m-nt
we did it basic evidence replaced it quickly
get the tape i’m bout to rape the instant
picture clear up n-gga just the angle different
smoke alot of weed i have to burn the incense
bring the glock but keep it low
i ain’t resisting nothing n-gga i’m on the b-ss
so hard so i can beat the lows
take the charge
beat the court
make the judge
see the lord