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2 live crew – move somethin’ [live in concert] lyrics


(mixx cuts:
“drop yo’ draws and open yo’ legs up wide, b+tch!”)

verse 1: brother marquis
i’ve been wanting to tell you this for a while
i like your fake blue eyes and your hoey style
so let’s go for a walk through the park
you can suck my d+ck in the dark
and just do what i ask; b+tch, bend over
let me ride your backside like dogs do each other
i know that you’re with it, so don’t start frontin’
i don’t wanna be your man; i wanna move somethin’!

(mixx cuts:
“you might as well give up the p+ssy.”
“oh no!”)

verse 2: fresh kid ice
listen up, baby, you look real pretty
let me pull up your shirt and suck your titties
yes, pretty lady, i love you so
since the time we met, my d+ck has grown
you had other men; now it’s my chance
give me some time to take off my pants
the time has come; don’t be frontin’
just drop them draws, and let’s move somethin’!

(mixx cuts:
“now what the h+ll do you want??”
“i want to f+ck!”)

verse 3: brother marquis
let’s rent a room at a f+ck+motel
then play this game called “ring the sleigh bells”
put the “do not disturb” sign on the door
and ride this d+ck ’till it gets sore
then open your legs, put ’em in the buck
’cause that’s the way i like to f+ck
it’s real simple; it’s not really nothin’
all you have to do is move somethin’!

(mixx cuts:
“now let’s find a motel so i can see how you f+ck!”
“big daddy….”
“don’t rush me, b+tch!”
“move your body to the beat”
“haao, work on my ass, baby!!”)

verse 4: fresh kid ice
look, baby doll, don’t lie or front
you know what i need and i know what you want
let’s go to the beach, we’ll lay in the sand
and i’ll prove to you that i’m a real man
and the way it felt, it was real tight
it chilled my body and the feeling was right
it’s all for love; it’s you i’ve been wantin’
just roll those hips and let’s move somethin’!