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2 live crew – one and one [live in concert] lyrics


(only luke performs this track)

+ = “in the bedroom all day and all of the night”

one and one were having some fun +
two and two, i took off my shoes +
three and three, she undressed me +
four and four, we f+cked on the floor +
five and five, i put up her thighs +
six and six, the b+tch sucked my d+ck +
seven and seven, we went to heaven +
eight and eight, she m+st+rbated +
nine and nine, she l!cked my ass +
ten and ten, the b+tch did it again +

get off my ass b+tch!

get your face out my ass motherf+cker!!

[“but it hurts so good”]

get laid, get f+cked!

[“but it hurts so good”]
(repeated ’till the end of the track)