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2 mile hill – change (the light remix) lyrics


everyday brings change, every hour brings change, every minute brings

breaker, breaker
fire the undertaker, when i make right turns better watch my indicator
ride my rocket to di sky or i might drop in a crater
end up on the other side then they’re callin’ me a traitor
always been a good communicator
but quick to compromise and try to rise to who i cater
my reflection in your eyes, your projection of me
neglect to recognise the pure essence of me
a juggernaut and a lady
lookin’ to run-a-muck and who could blame me
feel free to challenge me
expose you for your fallacies
force you to own your malices, i’m never static
my mind is acrobatic
step off the tightrope to the unknown, unknowingly knowing all along what i needed to know
knowledge holding what i need to grow
embrace the change and ride the inner wave like kick, push, coast