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2 mile hill – rumblings (special remix) lyrics


steppin’ out and sorting all this jumble in my head
in a disappearing jungle, start to fumble in my head
see me swinging from di vines, sitting in my rhymes
just relying ‘pon di vibes that start to rumble in my head
refuse to step in line
i was built to shine by design
i will not be defined by what you figure is my prime
got to get it when my time is my time and seize it
and all my people that knows it, feels it
a crystal for some clarity
high rise, rise high with me
all the answers ‘pon the inside, third eye open wide
wide angle lenses eyeing me

magnificence magnified, p-ssion personified
still misidentified, still oversimplified
might be an overthinker but i always had a mind
could never make me a quitter, maybe i should make a sign