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2 mile hill – starlight lyrics


coast to coast trippin’ and im sippin’ what i sip, i’m
coastin’ flat earth wonder if i’m on a trip, i’m
trippin’ out at this pastel sky
it ain’t no wonder i can see it trippin’ up so high
‘pon di horizon i could see di curve
and feel the curse of never-ending forward movement
gravity could be the worst
necessary to keep me ‘pon di ground
jah know my head up in the clouds enough for me to kiss the sun and see the earth round
to turn di sunshine into black gold and drink it down
to know my core is dark as night although my skin brown
the world to coast and boast i sound the way my kin sound
until we world renowned
more diamonds in we crown
spiral down from celestial height
peep through your telescope, can’t rely ‘pon your sight
it’s only natural to want to claim a ting so bright
but keep in mind your can never tame di starlight