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2 pac – high ’til i die lyrics


they got a n-gg- shedding tears, reminiscin on my past fears
cause sh-t was hectic for me last year
it appears that i’ve been marked for death
my heartless breath, the underlying cause of my arrest
my life is stressed, and no rest forever weary
my eyes stay teary for all the brothers that are buried in the
sh-t is scary, how black on black crime legendary
but at times unnessecary, i’m gettin worried
teardrops and closed caskets, the three strikes law is drastic
and certain death for us ghetto b-st-rds
what can we do when we’re arrested, but open fire
life in the pen ain’t for me, cause i’d rather die
but don’t cry through your despair
i wonder if the lord still cares, for us n-gg-z on welfare
and who cares if we survive
the only time they notice a n-gg- is when he clutchin on a four-five
my neighborhood ain’t the same
cause all these little babies goin crazy and they sufferin in the game
and i swear it’s like a trap
but i ain’t given up on the hood it’s all good when i go back
hoes show me love, n-gg-z give me props
forever hop cause it don’t stop… on my block
now sh-t’s constantly hot, on my block, it never fails to be gunshots
can’t explain a mother’s pain, when her son drops
black male slippin in hail when will we prevail
fearin jail but crack sales got me livin well
and the system’s sucidal with this thug’s life
stayin strapped forever strapped in this drug life
god help me, cause i’m starvin, can’t get a job
so i resort to violent robberies, my life is hard
can’t sleep cause all the dirt make my heart hurt
put in work and shed tears for my dead peers
mislead from childhood where i went astray
till this day i s