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2 raw for the streets – alleyway freestyle lyrics


[intro: chico raw]
chic raw, shots for the street y’all
n+ggas relate to me, i’m from the streets dog
chic raw, shots for the street y’all
n+ggas relate to me, check it

[verse: chico raw]
i just bought a new handgun, i’m fixing to shoot
i’ma start banging n+ggas like bishop in juice
yeah, i’m the n+gga n+ggas scared of
chickens ain’t like me in that cutlass ciera
until i got the truck, with the lights on the mirrors
yeah, i got my jeans up, gear and all
stack up from serving fiends that raw
i’m a hustler, i get to a dollar
make sure i get rid of product, whip up the powder
i’m a outsider, survived on my habitat
i’m everywhere where the cabbage at
that’s everywhere where the addicts at
i post up, with a mavericks hat, and that thing on my waistline
that flame n+ggas like lebron on the baseline
i chase crime, my connects getting birds cheap
i bag b+tter that’s as hard as a bird’s beak
you heard me, i disturb the peace
ain’t nuttin’ gon’ calm chic
i ride around wit’ a dezzie in the chevy ’til i’m buried under concrete
i grind weeks, sitting up focused
and i’m scared to go to sleep, ’cause i might miss smokers
i’m stacking dough up, and cutting coke up
i been doing this since ai had a bowl+cut
i’m getting more now
it’s like i ball for the sixers and y’all tryna get drafted by georgetown
ahead of my game, a loss is important
crazy handle with the rock, i could crossover jordan
when i, cross ’em i pull it i’m tossing ’em bullets a coffin you put in
so often i put in, work that i shouldn’t
but i’d probably be broke if i wouldn’t
circle blocks with the heat in the cushion
hit the yacht, park the jeep by the bushes
get the drop, with the heat in the cushion
i need a lot, for the work that i put in
what you forgot, all the work that i put in?
sh+t, let’s take a trip down, sh+t, memory lane
remember the pain, hustled in rain
m+ffled them thangs, shuffled them thangs
paid my car right, did it hard white, color off+white
chic led a hard life
every day, twist get a bottle
blow the tec+9 with the swiss cheese nozzle
hop in the [?], cops gon’ follow you
try and watch ya’ grind in a blue chevy malibu
but i do what i gotta do
post up on the block with them 12+12 skinnies
size 12 penny’s, stop now let me get a
dime of that tree take a, shot of that henny
you get, popped with the semi
that pac ish in me and i, rob when i envy
any n+gga tryna trim me, better know i’ma shoot
so any n+gga, step outta line then i’m blowing his roof
most n+ggas don’t believe ’til you showing ’em proof
next time, they’ll believe ’cause they know it’s the truth
talk is cheap, n+ggas better talk to chic
i’m the, talk of the street the boy with computers
i take, trips to bermuda
i chill with chicks that be, showing they hooters they blowing my shooter
mwah, one kiss good night
you use fists to fight
i throw clips, in a fifth and light
n+gga, you better vacate premises
or mask on gloves out, break down ligaments
we on some different sh+t, i could get ya’ man murdered
the bol chic, ground beef like hamburgers
my mans burglars, floss in a four+oh
get sn+tched out ya’ whip like, grand theft auto
my bols blow, blueberry waffle
sipping on that sh+t they put on blueberry waffles
i ride out, with the hunch in the back
system feel like a lil’ midget punching my back