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2 thingz – honestly? same lyrics


i was talking ’bout myself every single time that i blamed you for sh-t
you don’t deserve it but i never thought i earned it the ability to look inside myself and be alone
when i’m outside my house i feel at home because at least when i’m away a change of tone can mean the difference
between love and indecision
so i make a few decisions and i find what i’ve been given is a place to call my own
a castle made of stone to fit my problems
every room cemented solid

you, you told me all these lies
you took me for a ride inside the van that’s in my mind
and there were just a couple seats but you picked one a row behind me so you’d kick me in the back until i yelled so much i cried
i, i never told you much
in fact i told you everything but all you gave was touch and it was never quite enough to convince me of your love
eventually you’ll realize that your life was always tough
i’m here to call your bluff

wait, am i supposed to hate everything i say about myself when i’m awake?
in honesty, i’m confident and i feel like i’m competent, and other people tell me i’m a high point in their day
hey, you told me i was great
and i can’t take a compliment but i wanted to say that i can’t thank you enough for all the strong support you gave
you make me wanna stay, i need to see your face