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2 thingz (rapper) – bad dreams lyrics


you don’t wanna let me
you don’t wanna let me
you don’t wanna let me
even if i go, you will never let me

i heard what you can’t tell me
i heard it from your besties
the ones that didn’t trust me
but they wanna f-ck me
got you saying yes please
all you wanted was the evidence
no love, just sentiment
ain’t a lot of text in our messages
when it’s about the s-x then it’s evident
cause you would never say it but i know it’s true
all you wanted was a better boo
and he’s been living better, too
everybody upgrades when they’re done with you

when i was 19 i got high too much now i’m not 20 and it’s not enough
i’m not screaming but it’s loud enough
i’m not dead but i’ve had enough
i’m ready to sleep, maybe i’ll wake up
and see you in my bed when the sun is up
i know that i was always just the runner up
bad dreams lead to tougher stuff
and when you’re looking at me, i see your heart in your eyes
i see it more when i see you cry
but you know how hard i really try
i’m a paranoid b-tch and i could never lie
nightmares only come true in the afterlife