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2 thingz (rapper) – road trip lyrics


yeah, we got some things to talk about
maybe we should take a road trip
find the motel room where the hope is
sitting on the bed until the bathroom opens
wet hair and an undersized towel
i can tell that you’ll never tell me what i’m hoping
you got me on the end of a rope and until then i live for this moment, hopeless

telling me off just to tell me i’m on your back
how can i relax
if this a game then the chips are stacked
my hand is in the can and i can’t pull back
you’re laying on the bed and i’m laying on the floor
i don’t know what it’s like to feel loved anymore
but at least the view’s good from the p-ssenger door

yeah, i think that we could work it out
maybe we should take a road trip
no this isn’t how i feel but i’m coping
and i think i need your love if it’s open
i don’t mean it if it’s written in a song about you cause it’s not about you it’s just my f-cked up emotions
in my head you told me that it’s over
but in reality your love is the potion