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2 thingz (rapper) – sunbeams lyrics


put myself in dark places
took advice from new faces
no graces
no basis
no foundations
we build sh-t no waiting
no sp-ce and no hating

you told me you would come through
is it really what it’s come to?
can’t tell if you want to
hear the doorbell and i run too
but you know inside i want to

tell you how i feel and sh-t
how i’m not feeling sh-t
not just about you but like all of it
everything is anonymous
you were never ominous
mysterious with the way that you help me
please don’t try to help me
i would never burden you with the lot of it
you know there’s a lot of it
i know you know all of it
and i’m sorry if
i was ever quick to judge

it doesn’t matter who you are, i still have you in my life and every single day you keep me on this side of a see-saw where the other side is f-cked
if i’m keeping with this metaphor then there’s a slide i’m climbing up and the sand is my repressed memories and my regrets and all i can do to help is exaggerate them until i start to think they’re worse than they were
when i get to the top of the slide you’ll pick me up

thank you
for everything that you’ve done
it worked now i’m redone
you changed me, i got a refund
my life now is a good one
all my heroes now are unsung
late teens in the hot sun
so glad that i got some