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2 yung – imlivenevilmi lyrics


i’m live n evil mi
compadres down to teach you
how to expand your mind
your mind from the gram
plus other people
so stop me if i’m being pretentious, but
my sh-t is expensive
you’re learning your kiddie lesson while /(oocha oocha one two threecha)
i’m at brunch detention /(leave me lone or i’ll tell tee’cha)
bottomless mimosas, they remind me of your girl
grits cheesier than i love you from the the moon to the world
now i’m deep in her eyez
and demostrably show how i’m not like the other
guys don’t know how to write a song that’s not about dumb sh-t
or at least do it in a way that can be bumped at the function
but this is a kitchen appliance denigrating others
so i suppose i’ll just mack and retreat to my brothers, please

this is very shallow listening