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20 guys – bindy turn me up lyrics


yo, f-ck you man!
bro, just chill
f-ck, right?
yo, is that farhaan looking at me yo?
f-ck you!
you goof, yo
you goof
yo, what do you have to say to him?
yo this guy looks like hes the f-cking circus, right?
hes a f-cking clown right?
beats about to drop f-ck you

yo i was in f-cking surrey, right
i was f-cking tying her up with my d-ck, right?
yo that sh-ts hectic, thats drafty so
f-cking right?
yo i was in the hood in f-cking surrey right
went to abbotsford, f-cked a b-tch right
went to delta right, f-cking delta buddy
got a f-cking rottweiler, escalade, but its f-cking jack man right
f-ck you, right
i got bars, i got bars, i got f-cking bars right?
yo, just give me like f-cking 5 million views right
f-cking that’s chills right?
yo like f-cking just free my opp’s yo

yo bindy, yo f-cking bindy johal on the beat!
yo r.i.p. bindy johal yo that guys a f-cking jack yo, that guys a jack
yo i gotchu!