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20 liter yoghurt – everyone lyrics


hey’re drowning, they’re starving – they get rid of their right to live
they’re prisoned, they’re tortured - cause their thoughts are too progressive
they’re oppressed, they’re driven out – they don’t fit in the big concept
they’re har-ssed, they’re exploited – and you’ve got nothing to do with it

be true to yourself and stop talking sh-t
you’re just a selfish f-ck who’s always trying to fit
if it’s not directly concerning you, you directly dismiss
all you care about is trivial but that’s just how it is

no matter how many books you’ve read, no matter what’s on your account
the world get’s driven to it’s end while your life is safe and sound
f-ck everything you know if you don’t know the word comp-ssion
and what is your comp-ssion worth if it doesn’t lead to action?

i dare you, don’t tell me you wouldn’t know what’s going on
you’ve simply closed your eyes, your ears and keep living like this for years

how can you be like that? how can you be like that?
you say you’re just like everyone – how can you be like that?