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20 minute loop – jubilation lyrics


bracketed diamonds, billowing smoke,
a terrible heft behind that pitchfork,
a torn up napking, uneaten meat,
a bl–dy steak knife, bunions cut off the feet,
a crippled arab, face in the street,
searching the asphalt for her missing teeth,
(she mumbles something…)

when it had fallen and everything had failed,
but still a sense of jubilation,
she took a beating and coughed into her hand,
it settled into some jubilation.

she rode her bicycle down to the place where her husband was found,
he stood up and screamed,
“where’s your veil? you’re missing teeth! look what you’ve done! and these other men, my friends: they see your disgrace! i’d cut your tongue off, if god was blind!”
she pedaled off toward the harbor and got her dress caught in the chain…

when it had fallen…

bracketed diamonds, billowing smoke,
a terrible feeling as you stare past the boats,
the moon is rotten, filled with holes,
getting smaller, dripping on the bay and the road.

when it had fallen…