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20 of lemms – breakfast time, fellas lyrics


[intro – the breakfast club]
‘so ahab, can i bum my doobage?’

[verse 1 – joan q-sack]
durban poison, sh-t’s kinda yellow
blowin’ on the haze like a motherf-ckin’ cello
yellow, like the mattress of r.kelly
hittin’ up tadgh, shoot a text to his celly
catch me cruising, you can call me tom
spittin’ all these bars, i keep dropping the bombs
mission impossible, ducking through the lasers
runnin’ from the fed, tryna dodge all the tasers
rhymes sharp like razors, craig bringing the flavours
gotta get the p together it’s a grade fundraiser


[verse 2 – joan q-sack]
hoppin’ on the skateboard meetin’ up with jake
20 of lemms, crème de la crème, sweet like a cake
wake, and bake had to break and double take
in ya b-tch’s underwear got her wet like a lake
billin’ up a kingskin, slingin’ in some grade
grind the green, mind the scene, spark up some haze
bun for days, ched put my head in a daze
but the kief on the buds got my brain amazed


[verse 3 – acute]
the kush is international, i meet my guy play basketball
throw a swish, pack a riz, you loungin’ while we up in this
studio sessions at the crib, preme attire’s imperative
comin’ with the session flow, ya never know
which way i’m gonna take it bro, to the left to the right
sh-t man i’m outta sight, hidden in the bush
hidden in your girl’s tush
mate it’s stush keep it on the low, heavy with the flow
like 10 ton, elephant weight
we comin, no debate


[verse 4 – acute]
moonlight flow, effervescent with the lyrics
straight me, no gimmicks
true with the flavour
no outrageous behaviour in the sector
didn’t come to wreck ya, just came here to spit wisdom
it’s imperative that i light my spliff, and take a hit
like this

[intro – the breakfast club]
‘could you describe the ruckus, sir?’
‘watch your tongue young man, watch it.’
‘what is that?’
‘what is that, what what is that, what is that noise?’
‘…what noise?’