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200 rackz - mike jo lyrics


(verse 1: 200 rackz)
caught bra in the open he lacking
don’t be flexing your sh+t you gon get bagged for stacking
how your name babyact you ain’t never get active
i’m a drag god n+gga don’t call me a rapper
n+gga said he dragging he wasn’t even dragging
i’m going on ends i’m swerving and jacking
lil shh getting tagged cause i heard he was capping
he tryna play ball and i bet imma whack him
these n+ggas be hot i don’t f+ck with no mouse
n+gga said he from p got bagged by his house
and nah we ain’t cool don’t care what it’s bout
don’t jump in that water cause you can’t get out
n+ggas thinking it’s sweet he ain’t tight
it’s me and lil key we gon go up the heights
and im fishing like sh+t tryna catch me a dyk+
this sh+t ain’t fair why the f+ck imma fight
i’m riding with dunk pick him up from the worth
she saying on god she don’t even go to church
you already know that i’m going up first im spinning the first
that n+gga tried to hop in that car and got hurt
im smoking on+ his ass in the dirt
i catch me a opp put his ass in a verse
im popping like sh+t so i bet they gon lurk

(verse 1: kwaglock, 200 rackz)
run down on a opp what’s the tension
heard a b+tch ass n+gga put me in his mentions
walk down with a switch and that sh+t get to hissing
i feel like a teacher put a n+gga in detention
don’t stop me im already draggin
n+gga got bagged for his purples and bagged for his lanvins
babyact don’t even get active these n+ggas be b+tches
why the f+ck they keep capping
catch a opp and you know imma blow
it’s me and b3 and yk we on go
and no ian wifing no hoe
these b+tches be gunnas if you know then you know
why he purp on my mans he a b+tch (nah fr n+gga)
aye shout out lil roach he was dropping that sh+t
m5 he dawging the whip in this b+tch with lil mein tryna catch us a vic
hop out putting sh+t on the floor
it’s just me and b3 and we upping the score
man im tryna see what’s the hype
why the f+ck he keep purping he not even tight
(verse 2: 200 rackz)
i been at the top i’m not bout to fall n+gga
his phone got took couldn’t give me a call n+gga
his dumbass decked it his pic on the wall n+gga
he keep posting on insta wsp with that tall n+gga
them n+ggas they never was nothing
it’s just me and your b+tch and we probably was f+cking
my name b3 i like b+tches and money n+gga said he gon bag me
he wouldn’t even touch me
when you got bagged where the f+ck was your tool
it ain’t even count it wasn’t even on the news
lil drew you a b+tch you got bagged for your shoes
can’t catch him on feet we gon go up the school
hit his ass in his face he was peeking again
shout out to ar he was geeking to spin
he was tryna bang it out he was leaking again
these opp ass n+ggas they teaming again
go check on yall man cause i heard he was leaking
them b+tch ass n+ggas they never got even
yall made it like this we wasn’t even beefing
them scared ass n+ggas keep hiding we see them

(verse 2: kwaglock)
catch that tall ass n+gga imma hit him with drac
imma go up first put that sh+t to they face
it’s just me and b3 and we ducking the jakes
imma f+ck on this b+tch and then buy her a cake
these n+ggas be hot they be telling
you never did sh+t why the f+ck is you welling
i catch me a opp imma send him to heaven
got my men up the worth n+gga shout out lil devin

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