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2003 london cast of anything goes – buddie, beware lyrics


[erma, spoken]
come on, fellas, gettin’ married’s for the birds. who needs it?

[sailors, spoken]
we do!

[erma, spoken]
oh, yeah?

buddie, beware
buddie, better take care
though at heart i’m a pearl
i’m a difficult girl
so, buddie, beware

when i go to a show
i prefer the first row
when invited to dine
i can’t eat without wine
so, buddie, beware

during christmas holidays
i develop taking ways
and i’m not at all anti
pretty things santy
brings from cartier’s

your devotion i prize
but you must realize, my boys
other girl’s luxuries
are my necessities
so, buddie, beware

buddie, beware
buddie, better take care
since the day i was weened
i’m a caviar fiend
so, buddie, beware

i feel i should put you right
as i lie in bed at night
while the twinkling stars gleam on
with my cold cream on
i’m a lovely sight

and another thing too
when i’m married to you, my sweet
if to come home you fail
i’ll open all your mail

hit it!

so, buddie, beware