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200xansthellae – beyblade lyrics


aye, running sh-t
aye, popping sh-t
never running, yeah
always popping sticks
if i need something, yeah i hit a l!ck
if i need something imma cop that sh-t
never on no block imma scholar kid (scholar kid)
feens need them rocks, but i don’t ship
get your head capped just like a lid (yeah [?])
they say if you don’t make sh-t then you ain’t lit
i really just need a little bit
goofy -ss n-ggas need a place to sit (sit down)
bad -ss b-tches can get this d-ck
new choppa on me, yeah it got some kick (got some kick)

yeah f-ck with my set imma let it rip (snapchat unfairking)
never see me hit it and i dip
f-ck with that sh-t ima let it hit (let it hit)
just like a beyblade ima let it rip (woah woah)
run with that sh-t yeah two times
got two baddies that’s two dimes
see two bogies yeah it’s shoot time
rub my hands together like it’s showtime
taking all these dubs like it’s fortnite
gotta get off then i say goodnight