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200xansthellae – dash like goku lyrics


[intro: 200xans, ft. ?]
you have no idea how good it is
ayy, what?
yeah, ayy ayy

[verse 1: 200xans]
money on me b-tch i am clean (clean, clean, clean)
she only want me but she a feen
sippin’ on wok
flexin’ a clock
designer with all these rocks
parking the wraith by the dock
keeping a guard with a glock
gucci mixed in with the socks
white b-tches poppin the percs
drugs can hurt
but money comes first
focus and stay on alert
what’s my worth?
scholar kid got a new shirt
trapstar still run with the herd
f-ck what you heard
you a b-tch for listenin’ to birds
yes i’m a nerd
you [?] with the word
better get ready to learn

ayy, yuh (snapchat unfairking)

[hook: 200xans]
flash, flash
b-tch i’m on a dash
cash, cash
i count it real fast
-ss, -ss
i hit it and i smash, yeah (yeah)
i hit it and i smash (yeah)
running like i’m dash
going so fast that i end up in the past


[verse 2: 200xans]
with my
super saiyan god like power
diamonds flowing on me like a shower
coming on a b-tch for an hour
she licking her fingers, she devour
satirical counting my money its a miracle
b-tch im so lyrical, syke, [?] off
[?] get piped
don’t give a f-ck what she like
all this power like all might
count all this cash like alright
wearing all white like alt right
see ya later good night
can’t forget about the dyk-
[?] p-ss like a blunt
n-gg- try me pull a stunt
run run run, b-tch i come with a gun
mags on deck
dressed like a nun
b-tch you want none
i am the one

ah, ay
you ain’t ready

[verse 3: luisbiceps]
going super saiyan with the flow, ooh
b-tch im like goku
when i [?] up with a rhyme
it can never be defined because i’ll smoke you
and im never trying to boast, ooh
you a [?] like kid buu
b-tch imma dismiss you
and i wouldn’t wanna be [?……..?] to
and youre useless like ubuntu
cause you know im number, ooh
(ooh, yuh)

man im tired as sh-t
(you have no idea how good it is)

[outro: luisbiceps]
cut em deep like a gash
[?] with a gat
cause i do it for the cash
and im never going back, like, ayyy (man f-ck that sh-t)
trying to forget where im from
all these n-gg-s think im [?]
tell them pull up with a gun
all these motherf-ckers run
b-tch i’m done