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2012 bid adieu – weird place lyrics


all animals even little woodland creatures need a place to hide, perhaps, even a place in their mind, i think maybe, even a place you and i might know

[verse 1]
animal farm’s a place in your mind
there’s no sp-ce or time, a place you and i would like to go
but you, can go there, if you really try
close your eyes open your mind
now spread your wings and fly

[chorus] la, la, la

[verse 2]
trampled all the flowers but see them again
a home for your mind and sins
a place where we all can go
crossing, crossing
a place that i find i like to go

there was once a young doe
who could barely get up
his legs,are weebly wobbly, but eventually it learned to walk
then to run then to run then to graze then to fly
and to that we bid you adieu