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2012 kendrick – hating prod. (icytwat) lyrics


i’m winning i’m winning you trippin you off of a xan man
i don’t just grind for a reason i grind whenever i can man
don’t be so sober and left off in sp-ce while i’m doing my dance man
you can be hating on me but you know you a fan man

cooking it up you know w-ssup mercedes benz or a benz truck
cruising around all over town yeah i be litty making them sounds
you was just sad had a frown on your face i’m coolin don‘t try to step up in my face
had a couple real n-ggas then they went and replaced now i do my own thing not leaving a trace
school getting hard i ain’t even reach home base ima keep on rocking while shawty on the side yeah you know ima thrasher kid until i die look in my eyes sh-t it ain’t no lie
fortnite man ya’ll n-ggas shooting no damage i could ooga booga ya head wit dem hand cannons