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2017 broadway cast of sunday in the park with george – everybody loves louis lyrics


h-llo, george
where did you go, george?
i know you’re near, george
i caught your eyes, george
i want your ear, george
i’ve a surprise, george

everybody loves louis
louis’s simple and kind
everybody loves louis
louis’s lovable

seems we never know, do we
who we’re going to find?
and louis the baker
is not what i had in mind

louis’s really an artist
louis’s cakes are an art
louis isn’t the smartest
louis’s popular
everybody loves louis
louis bakes from the heart

the bread, george
i mean the bread, george
and then in bed, george
i mean he kneads me
i mean like dough, george
h-llo, george

louis’s always so pleasant
louis’s always so fair
louis makes you feel present
louis’s generous
that’s the thing about louis
louis always is there
louis’s thoughts are not hard to follow
louis’s art is not hard to swallow

not that louis’s perfection
that’s what makes him ideal
hardly anything worth objection
louis drinks a bit
louis blinks a bit
louis makes the connection
that’s the thing that you feel

we lose things
and then we choose things
and there are louis’s
and there are georges
well, louis’s
and george

but george has george
and i need someone

everybody loves louis
him as well as his cakes
everybody loves louis
me included, george
not afraid to be gooey
louis sells what he makes
everybody gets along with him
that’s the trouble
nothing’s wrong with him

louis has to bake his way
george can only bake his

louis it is!