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2017 broadway cast of sunday in the park with george – the dog song lyrics


if the head was smaller
if the tail were longer
if he faced the water
if the paws were hidden
if the neck was darker
if the back was curved
more like the parasol

bumbum bum bumbumbum
bumbum bum…

more shade
more tail
more gr-ss
would you like some more gr-ss?

[george as spot]
ruff! ruff!
thanks, the week has been rough
when you’re stuck for life on a garbage scow
only forty feet long from stern to prow
and the crackpot in the bow-wow, rough
the planks are rough
and the wind is rough
and the master’s drunk and mean and
gruff! gruff!

with the fish and sc-m
and planks and ballast
the nose gets numb
and the paws get callused
and with splinters in your -ss
you look forward to the gr-ss
on sunday
the day off
off! off! off!

the gr-ss needs to be thicker. perhaps a few weeds. with some ants, if you would. i love fresh ants.

roaming around on sunday
poking among the roots and rocks
nose to the ground on sunday
studying all the shoes and socks
everything’s worth it sunday
the day off

bits of pastry
piece of chicken
there’s a handkerchief
that somebody was sick in
there’s a thistle
that’s a shallot
that’s a dripping
from the loony with the palette

[george as fifi]
yap! yap!
out for the day on sunday
off my lady’s lap at last
yapping away on sunday
helps you forget the week just past
everything’s worth it sunday
the day off

stuck all week on a lady’s lap
nothing to do but yawn and nap
can you blame me if i yap?

[george as spot, spoken]

[george as fifi, spoken]
there’s just so much attention a dog can take.

being alone on sunday
rolling around in mud and dirt

[george as spot]
begging a bone on sunday
settling for a spoiled dessert

[george as fifi]
everything’s worth it

[george as spot]

[george as fifi]
the day off

[george as spot]
something fuzzy

[george as fifi]
something furry

[george as spot]
something pink
that someone tore off in a hurry

[george as fifi]
what’s the muddle
in the middle?

[george as spot]
that’s the puddle
where the poodle
did the piddle