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201tezzo – |soho| mamba (freestyle) lyrics


{intro: 201tezzo}

(sips water), that’s some good water
(i got 201 on this beat)

{verse 1: 201tezzo}
black like a mamba
here days you days nah bruh
like future i f-ck up some commas
like 21 i got some chantas!

{bridge: 201tezzo}
smoking tea leaves like a fake rasta
201 t the cat with the mac, 201 t just stacking up racks
201 t, right on the tat!

{verse 2: 201tezzo}
rap so weak i can’t watch
(slight pause)
your girl so sweet like b-tterscotch
time this track, got a stopwatch
you can’t rap
ye a lockjaw

{outro: 201tezzo}
that was sick, that was a freestyle ask my engineer
i did it right here in the booth
let’s go