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2020 (rapper) – i write in the dark lyrics


[verse 1: 2020]
ok, life really sucks
and my innovation is crushed
face is crooked looking flushed
guess it’s all part of the rush
not the dream my government had discussed
but enough is enough
livin is tougher than tough
rougher than overcooked crust
i am a spec of the dust in the wind
so how can i battle the gust that i’m in

this stuff is just too much to touch
disgusting, its a bug in us
the pus is puffin, building up
much like my brain, about to bust

infected with greed and injected with l-st
hands on your head, they’re cuffin’ em up
slapping their cr-p on the flag that we trust
we’re napping
better get to waking up

and i write in the dark
embark and depart
i coulda known i was gonna fall apart
and i shoulda known what my brain was gonna start
all the back and forth battling, rattle my heart
syllables spark
music is part
of what we have made
of all that we are
the darker the bars the better the start and the bigger the scars the smarter the art

you got producers, i got creativity
call me medusa, i’m reaching infinity
imagery, vivid and in my vicinity
maybe it’s due to overdue vir- (wait a sec)
feelin a sense of sanguinity
rippin’ the mic cuz i got an affinity, yeah
attacking bars (how you doin’ it?)
masking lack of masculinity
hyperactivity, get on this train
sounding like satan is calling my name
resounding emotion cannot be explained
without negativity, riddled with pain

inta me, i don’t know whats gotten into me, enemy, hides inside like in anemones, energy, i don’t need a drink of hennessy
i get a high off a ego and memory

[verse 2: 2020]
(wait a sec)
yeah, never been into the trap but i’m trapped
sensing the shadows in rear of my back
over my shoulder a presence
presented me with a thought i could nab
yeah, tired of thinking i got out the lab
shuffled my feet down the street, i was drab
i got to drinking inside of a bar
quarter mile down the loneliest ave
left all alone, i was number than sad
called up an uber and got in the cab
got out on fifth, and i paid for the tab
gave him a tip, which he reached out and grabbed
i saw the homeless, their faces they sagged
i saw the rich and their watches, they bragged
i smelt the stench of the streets, almost gagged
and suddenly life
it wasn’t so bad

h-llo applicant zero eight two zero, you have been selected for the sp-ce x mars mission. please call our main office at one eight zero zero eight six six two zero two zero. good luck