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2020 (rapper) – it was 2014 lyrics


[verse 1: 2020]
it was 2014
drinking was always the theme
my only knowledge of college was parties and vodka and livin’ the dream
but talkin’ to girls is harder than it seems
whiter than cream
low self esteem
fightin’ a brain that’s insane and extreme
blowin’ off steam
knowin’ i couldn’t just scream
showin’ the world that i’m me
but me isn’t them and they all wanna be
the hottest, the goddess, the outgoing queen
the alpha, the gamma kappa, perfect genes
dancin’ to rap and atlanta made beats
i noticed a girl scream singing a song
and thought right there maybe i just didn’t belong
but i stayed strong
stared square at her thong
just followed the group and kept movin’ along
took looks at a couple of teens
the way they looked back looked like “left on seen”
walked up to a dj between
he wasn’t taking requests and i requested to leave

[verse 2: 2020]
it was 2016
sat-rday night we convened
fighting the cold and controlled by the line to get into the scene
flashing ids
women were flashing their fakes and the bouncers were happy to take
packin’ em in like sardines
right on the beat
i stayed on my feet
handed the man my id
god i think it’s halloween
got a facade but it’s fragile and weak
i stepped inside and i tweaked
11 o’clock
people were starting to flock
sh-tty liquor full in stock
f-ck getting shots of ciroq
we here for beer and the cheapest whiskey that you got
got me a drink and i’m movin’ through crowds
shout in my ear, i can’t hear it’s too loud
women with little linen own me now
i might as well get on my knees and bow (what?)
it was more than i’d allow
my brain started shutting down
i can’t approach or impose on a girl
even if i am so drunk i could (weh)
and all of my friends going deaf on the floor
and dancing is something i couldn’t hate more
so tell me again why i keep coming back
when i should be sticking to musical tracks
plus all this time spent and i still can’t explain
why i continue to drink in here wasting away
my mind running amok, my body staying in place
face glued to a screen and living cynical days
i cannot see through a different lense even when i see double while chillin with friends
i’m quiet, i’m private, my brain is a riot
i cannot make myself just like the rest

[verse 3: 2020]
2018, i’m 23, got no patience to be like those that you’ve seen on tv, i’m free, i’m me, no degree
college was cool but just not for me
i’ve got my own personality, i do what i please, so please don’t be mean
i still go out but not for the crowds, i’m down for the count, i count favors now
i gotta lotta sonatas to spit
and i really gotta get a better grip
poison is dope but i wanna jump ship
know what i’m feeling and grow my own sh-t
i’ll ask again
can you relate?
or will i just start another debate
let me just get everyone up to date
hating the bar is no phase (k)
come 2020, i’ll be so grumpy, of drinks with buddies, girls that are lovely
i’ll put it bluntly, i crossed the country, just to find that i don’t find it comfy
to live a life
where dumb is funny
and nothing’s right
unless it is money
just know these words come directly from me
you don’t need school and booze just to study
i study the world and its music every single day