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20th boys – onwayz lyrics


(have this or i’ll break this!)

[verse 1: nola]
yeah, aye
pro+club loks on deck (aaarrrooo)
all my uso’s they full, so hop out the whip that we, who’s next? (aye)
wanna run it back to see if this b+tch, pull up like kyrie, so its nothin, but net
rap scene gon’ buff , now all of these busts tryna act hard, claimin the set
20th sh+t, so you know we up next, aye (we next)
don’t get me started (nah)
all these boys, just b+tt off the uk drill and step like james harden (ha, ha)
can i come round like osama bin laden? (aye)
see they ain’t never done sh+t for their team (they never)
if you know about the four
all of my g’z put in work for the 2+0+2+3
i feel like grams for my family tree
aye, so kickback
my team up next, straight facts
they took too much, knee, tic+tac
wanna run that ball
them boys break, kit+kat
and now they all want features (who?)
first of all go listen to your teachers (aye)
we go ape like ceasar
that side don’t talk, cause their baby like bieber, uh

[verse 2: bad1]
baby like bieber
call me daddy preacher
banging a b+tch and make her drink it like a seizure
didn’t mean to tease ya
with the drill flow, like real slow
you dissin on my name, it really shows (haha)
but, i couldn’t give a f+ck
me and my bro’s run mucks
so when sh+t gets real, we forever stand ground
come f+ck with the g and take an l, hands down
cause we tryna be factual, we don’t talk that sh+t
i’m for really wasn’t suppose to do it actual
do you really want to test us?
i swear to god, on my life, ima put this sh+t to rest, b+tch
you know me, i don’t play (facts)
i don’t f+ck around with games
if you wanna talk that sh+t, prepare to get hit
you a b+tch, ima slap you in your lane
come pull up, ima show you whats good
2+7+4, ima ride for the hood
these c+nts just talk, but ain’t gonna do sh+t
don’t f+ck around or your gonna get flipped
yeah, come and get tripped
i was raised in the south
gotta stay dirty or take another route
buckle that talk, get a bullet to your mouth
ima do this for myself, give a f+ck about the clout

[verse 3: jefrow]
kickin it back in the 7+4
its ta puff j’s at the backdoor
s to the f+ckin a
s to the f+ckin a
tellin my mum that it’ll be okay
trust it, to be okay
only fifteen, when i moved to the slum
now i’m nineteen, it’s another day in the slums
jefrow is the name
laughin at these punk motherf+ckers
say we all rap the same
talkin bout makin moves
what moves have you made?
only moves you made, was no shade
no competition, my sir, gettin no recognition
ready, murk them
bust out any weapons, when i step in, everyone know, i’m a mad kid
gettin naughty, tell my mummy, i’ll be home when its sunny
but im on these streets
patrolling, yeah we’re rolling, with the group of homies from the 63’z
but now we’re 20, sippin henny
tell jenny to free my g’z