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21 lil harold – my flow lyrics


(44, you made this?)
big high
that wasn’t no weed, n+gga, that was my pen
i’m on percs right now
gotta put down the syrup
i don’t even drank no more, i don’t drank no more

one+seventy on the wockhardt geeked up
ah+ha, d+mn (one line, one line, one line, one line)
i got hard, i got soft, i got beans for you sl+ts
ah+ha (trap that, trap that, trap that, trap that)
we got ice in this b+tch, we got guap in this b+tch
don’t get bought in this b+tch (don’t get bought in this b+tch)
she got lil’ tits, but i big d+ck and i
hit stick (lil’ b+tch)
heard she a freak ho, i done put my thumb in this b+tch
she got deepthroat, i done put my cum on her lip
it’s how she eat though, she done pay down on her rent
she in thе street though, she done put it down in this b+tch
street n+gga, street n+gga, that’s how i talk, n+gga
street n+gga, street n+gga, that’s how i walk, n+gga
street n+gga, street n+gga, so, f+ck the law, n+gga
street n+gga, street n+gga, knock your ass off, n+gga
zonе six sh+t, i ain’t gon’ say what i saw, n+gga (shh, quiet)
zone six b+tch, she know she got bought, n+gga (that b+tch high)
zone six sh+t, cutlass on the four, n+gga (it’s how i ride)
zone six sh+t, we buckin’ on these hoes, n+gga
yeah, covered in money though
got a bookbag full of money
covered in money though
he got a n+gga spanked with the hundreds
we hit real l!cks with hundred bags of mid, ask my mom
aim with hollows, them opp+ass n+ggas know we gunnin’ sh+t
pimp sh+t, pimp sh+t, i got my hand up
pimp sh+t, pimp sh+t, i done sl+tted her
pimp sh+t, pimp sh+t, yes, i f+cked her
talkin’ ’bout pimp sh+t, pimp sh+t, what you came for? (21)
h+dawg, n+gga, you know
big chopper sh+t
this go out to that, that little old light skin ho with the curly hair
who tried to diss me
and wouldn’t give me that p+ssy back in the day
now she wanna f+ck now, ha