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21 pence – i gotta get by lyrics


[verse 1]
21 pence motherf-ckers
going down an inch with those motherf-ckers with dignity
the reason i live is to see thro the day
i got some homies that’ll never turn their backs from me
they’ll always have it, always
they see thro the ugly
man, all i see is the way to go forward

i gotta get by in this world, quick to the fl!ck
fl!ck a 20 pence and 1 pence at the same time

[verse 2]
if i ruled the world i’ll be king
a crown and a thrown
ya be overthrown, a crown and thrown to own
i’m a rapper that is getting ready to kiss -sses
move aside those ugly -ss l-ssies
these girlies be so stupid that i’m brain dead, then they be known how not to roll
i’m roll, roll solo with a hoe that’ll love me for the way i am, calm?
that’s bullsh-t, i got a short temper
don’t tempt my paitents, recently i’ve been so down deep in a bad mood, most homies get at me but f-ck them
i’m rolling with the best ones, trying to be a rapper
best one, ever

i gotta get by in this world, quick to the fl!ck
fl!ck a 20 pence and 1 pence at the same time

[verse 3]
i’m 23, feel old already
i’ve been spitting for a long time now, went thro names and changed more often
i’ve not soften, broken hearted like a bad thing that a local tart did
i’ll spit when walking down the street, i just want to be heard
i am now a big fan of nas, thanks to nav
i began to rap when i was at school
i wasn’t all that good to be honest, kids would tell me that i was cr-p at rap and that i didn’t know how to rhyme so i got nicknamed mc norhymes, no rhyming like i don’t know timing
i’m rhyming on a line so fab, before i knew about a thing called a dab and that is just old now
when i dab, i sneeze
please, give me some time to rhyme
i got some sh-t to rhyme like this
i’m living in the days so good, drink with buddies
nowadays i wonder who to hang with and say sh-t bad about sam smith
i guess i just live to live a life and so does everybody