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21 savage – rider* lyrics


yo, pi’erre, you wanna come out here?

[verse 1]
tryna put my jimmy on your lipstick (straight up)
ak with the strap, longer than the light pole (straight up)
all my pockets fat, think they need lipo (straight up)
all this ice on me, i look like a light show (straight up)
shoot you where you can’t go, i’m smokin’ mango (yeah)
ridin’ in the maybach, i got the brains blowed (yeah)
pass her to my brother, yeah, we exchange hoes (yeah)
ridin’ through the 6, y’all n+gga can’t go (nah)
i can’t keep it tucked, 12 gauge with the bucks (straight up)
say you ’bout that action, let me see you drop your nuts (straight up)
i ask you what you doin’ but i’m really tryna f+ck (21)
[?] she ain’t no officer, as i ain’t tryna cuff (on god)
ai with the scope, y’all n+gga better duck (on god)
we shootin’ at the ground, soon as you tryna duck (on god)
i’m german sheppard, lil’ n+gga you a duck (straight up)
bullets so big, thought i him him with a truck (straight up)
get your [?], lil’ n+gga you a [?], yeah
21 gang, lil’ n+gga, i’m a rider (yeah)
and i keep a lotta hot sh+t, like lava (yeah)
i’m a millionnaire, y’all n+ggas got nada (facts)
gucci on my jacket, n+gga and my shoes prada (straight up)
[?] gang, we ain’t really with the rah+rag (straight up)
i don’t fly spirit, lil’ n+gga i fly charter (charter)
g5 n+gga and it came with a [?] (straight up)

yeah, smokin’ hoes in this b+tch, n+gga (yeah)
yeah, wipe your nose in this b+tch, n+gga (yeah, yeah)
yeah, we got hoes in this b+tch, n+gga (yeah, yeah)
keep a pole, plus some hoes, in this b+tch n+gga (on god)
got a minute for a team with the switch, n+gga (on god)
got a glock seventen with a d+ck, n+gga (on god)
we got hollowtips bullets for that lil’ n+gga (straight up)
tryna put a hunnid bodies on this d+ck, n+gga (straight up)

[verse 2]
n+ggas stealin’ my flows, i ain’t trippin’ i’ma make some more (21)
slaughter gang 4l, ain’t no way that i cake a hoe (straight up)
this a traphouse, h+ll no, it ain’t no cable hoe
switchin’ [?] and glocks, all on the coffee table hoe (facts)
i’m a dog, i ain’t gettin’ married, married
do i got feelings, b+tch? barely, barely
i ain’t got time to pop a b+tch, cherry, cherry
virgin b+tches ain’t get nowhere near me, near me
vvs got the hoes starin’ (straight up)
pass her to the bros, we sharin’ (straight up, straight up)
make the choppa sing mariah carey (straight up, straight up)
went to eliantte not jerry (straight up, straight up)
last n+gga tried me, buried (yeah, yeah)
every n+gga ’round me, carry (yeah, yeah)
every n+gga ’round you, scary (yeah, yeah)
if you catch me down bad, don’t spare me (facts)
if i catch you down bad, you dead (21)
i don’t drink [?], i drink (on god)
all these [?] think i need to sh+t (on god)
he was trippin’, had to shoot him in the leg (yeah, yeah)
og kush i’m chiefin’ (21, uh)
swimmin’ with the sharks in the deep end (what?)
he still in school, he catch bodies on the weekend (say what?)
4l, two ones on defend (facts)

suck me ’til i ooh+ (21)
suck me ’til i ooh+ (straight up)
suck me ’til i ooh+ (straight up)
suck me ’til i ooh+ (straight up)
baby suck me ’til i ooh+ (straight up)
suck me ’til i ooh+ (straight up)
suck me ’til i ooh+ (straight up)
suck me ’til i ooh+ (straight up)
f+ck me ’til i phew (yeah, yeah)
f+ck me ’til i phew (yeah, yeah)
f+ck me then i phew (yeah, yeah)
f+ck me then i phew (yeah, yeah)
f+ck me ’til i phew (yeah, yeah)
f+ck me ’til i phew (yeah, yeah)
f+ck me then i’m phew (yeah, yeah)
f+ck me then i’m phew (yeah, yeah)