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21 savage – solid* lyrics


lyrics from snippet

nipsey was solid, i know that he up there with biggie and pac
my choppa could tell you a story, i pray that you don’t try to plot
stayed a hundred, couple n+ggas changed
i ain’t never went against the grain
i could never snort cocaine
i could never f+ck a b+tch behind my brother then try to turn her to my main
clout chasin’ got him in a wood box
can’t believe he died for the fame
he’ll risk it all for a name
i was comin’ hard ‘fore i came
i ain’t know nothin’ ’bout no visa, i was in the park with the gang
moms be feelin’ bad, i try to tell her she is not to blame
no social security, couldn’t get a license, but i still didn’t complain
i went and got, and i ain’t ask for no handout
lil’ n+gga, we are not the same
you know what i’m on, first girlfriend did me wrong
i swear to god that every girl after that, i was gon’ do ’em wrong
different b+tch in my bed every night, but i still be feelin’ alone
[?] finna be with, one probably right after, i [?]