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21 savage – untitled snippet (4/24/19)* lyrics


lyrics from snippet

[verse 1]
maybach v12, big dawg status
get your -ss whacked, i got a homicide fetish
come pick up your b-tch, i put my hot dog in her relish
your baby mama test me, she want hot dog in her belly
how these n-ggas still gang-gang and they tellin’?
all my shooters workin’ at elliante, but they k!llin’
she’ll point a finger, but in private, she be stealin’
thirty models in the house, i gave ’em each a minute

yeah, you know, it’s thirty models in the house, really
they say use your time wisely, so i gave each of ’em a minute
know what i’m sayin’? they enjoyed it too
you know it’s enough of me to go around, don’t be stingy

[verse 2]
i’m in a rover with a shooter
got a college girl and a cougar
i got thirty hollows in this ruger
and my glock give lessons, it’s a tutor
i ain’t with the jibber jab, give your -ss the quickest jab
i’m the type to buy a bentley, you the type to skip a tab