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212 – no$ebleed$ (prod.theplugbeatz) lyrics


theplugbeatz, aye, aye, aye, grrra grrra, aye, aye (yeah) aye

[verse 1]
wearin all this bape and im feeling gucci yeah (gucci) and i got this sh-t b-tch i keep it louie nosebleeds ouu yeah aye ouie gooey aye [?] ouu yeah yeah aye keep a pole (pole) on my back yeah watch that mac and that stack yeah big mac and i let ya ouu ouu ouu shout out anthony he’s back yeah (aye aye aye he’s back yeah) shout out anthony he’s back (and he’s back what) he be balling like the jack yeah ouu

[verse 2]
ouu ouu ouu ouu ouu ouu (yeah) i been cooking (cooking) in the pot for so long off white on my jeans looking like a [?] yeah yeah sippin on that wok (wait what) diamonds so water they be wok (whaat) yeah yeah yeah yeah (fiji) iced out n-gga (fiji) on the block (yeah) is it cold outside or is it just me (ooouu) man ice on my chest i do might see (yeah)

[verse 3]
wearin jackets right now i might see (right now, yeah) might go to sp-ce i dont know the plug walk (ufo) doing all this [?] with that f-ck walk (yeah) yeah yeah it with that blood walk (blood walk) yeah yeah nosebleeds in that [?] walk into my doe you go to the wall aye i love her when she kiss me (yeah) she always in that motherf-cking bently (bently) i know her when she always see me im so rich look at me im on tv (grrr, grrr) (oooouuuu) ouu,ouu ouu yeah
yeah yeah yeah grillz in my mouth and im feeling paul wall n-ggas in the south and im feeling that tall (that tall) 10 ft tall b-tch you know im not that law aye aye aye, aye aye aye yeah yeah (grrr, grrr) ouu its 212 yeah and im out nosebleeds yeah any n-ggas with that [?] youu in that (skirt,skirt,skirt,skirt,skirt) yeah