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212 – @thedoe (prod.theplugbeatz) lyrics


aye, aye, aye, aye 212 yeah yeah, aye, aye, aye, aye, yeah, yeah, yeah

[verse 1]
at the doe, at the doe cash me outside b-tch i’m at the f-ckin doe n-ggas talkin’ bout’ me man you know i keep the pole (aye)

at the doe, at the doe catch me at that zone n-gga talk about the doe (smoke)

at the doe, at the doe cash me at the doe (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) i’m at yo doe (aye)

[verse 2]
at the pole, with that pole hit that stick hit that motherf-ckin’ forty and it won’t miss i keep on comin’ up racks in this b-tch, rack city b-tch you keep on coming like a l!ck (ooou,ooou)

at the doe cash me at the pole b-tch i’m at yo doe (smoke) (aye, aye)
at the doe (yeah yeah) n-gga at the doe (aye)

[verse 3]
i got bently trucks outside waitin’ foe me (waitin’ foe me) n-ggas talk about me i keep a loye catch me up on twitter thats my n-gga soundcloud (soundcloud) and i need some motherf-cking, clout now (oou) yeah, yeah (cheese)

[verse 3]
flexin on these n-ggas cause i want too (flex) ferragamo belt and bape that’s how i be rocking it (rockin) yeah n-ggas talkin it (talkin) yeah i be just talkin it yeah (saucen aye, aye i been bossin) i got a n-gga with that 40 and i bottle it yeah

man, my babe p-ssy wetter than some grease i need so much cheese i get so much leaves and i talk about that b (ooouu,ooouu) 212 i’m out