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213 – rick james interlude lyrics


snoop dogg, snoop doggy dogg, what’s up?
what’s up, b-tch? it’s rick james, it’s rick james, b-tch
how the f-ck you gon’ do maryjane without me?
one of the best singer’s, one of the best lookin’ motherf-cker’s
one of the best most talented motherf-cker’s ever in music

it’s f-cked up snoop, sh-t, f-ck weed
cocaine’s a h-ll of a drug man, how â€~bout that? that’s real
i was in love with maryjane first, motherf-cker, i’m rick james, b-tch
i’ll break in your house and grind my feet on your couch, b-tch
that’s how i’m livin’, snoop doggy dogg