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215willy – it’s going down in haywood lyrics


(friday sample)

b-tches in my face, i be f-cking everyday
seniors in my face like, “slan, where you stay?”
tell them blue bell, more like blue h-ll
vonage on my phone, got a dope -ss cell

own a m-th-f-cking yeti, he out there all night
i got him on the block, he move that dope right
spicy pakistani, d-ck game cold salami
bent that b-tch over like f-cking origami

not in math cl-ss, teacher always stressing
i’m a cold stream, i got flo like progressive
my face a scary sight, so you do what i say
i’m colder than an elf on a winter time sleigh

i look like the joker, heath ledger when i grin
busted and she had humus dripping down her chin
allah on my chain, you can’t afford these
smoke that og ’til my eyes chinese


who collecting the dough?

who making all the stacks?

we moving white powder thats wrapped in tight packs

who on top of this sh-t?

who the king of the game?

these b-tches chasing bread, call them bird brain

(friday sample)