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21(andoverit) – ​reflections // psyche lyrics


[part 1: reflections]

[intro: seigi]
21(andoverit) back, baby
we sad and we in love so we gonna make a song about it, once again i know this is self deprecating as h-ll, but ay, here’s the verse

[verse 1: seigi]
chilling with my homies in the back of aidan’s car
tripping off of something hope it wouldn’t go too far
acting kinda foolish but it never left a scar
reminiscing bout these days hope they never fade away i just wanna stay
but i just wanna go away
i’ve never been prepared and i’m feeling really scared
my people they define me not what’s shimmering and shiny
in the grand scheme of things i’m just feeling kinda tiny
i’m not tryna come off whiny but my thoughts begin to hurt
don’t wanna be here one day and the next one in a he-rs-
reflecting on my feelings as they come out in this verse
sometimes it’s the greatest, right now it’s just the worst

[chorus: nik varga]
reflections of a better time
you take what’s yours i’ll take what’s mine
i know these times can be rough
but nostalgia seems to be enough

[verse 2: ben]
summer seems to last forever
time just seems to say whatever
riding through the streets of denver
i’m feeling better
i wanted a life, not just a night
i couldn’t see right
show me the light
skyline makes the city whole
i lack the self control
turn the coals
keep the fire burning
can’t show no emotion
ain’t got no promotion
look to the ocean
i see my reflection

[chorus: ben]
reflections of a better time
you take what’s yours i’ll take what’s mine
i know these times can be rough
but nostalgia seems to be enough

[verse 3: nik varga]
spent like 2 months with you
we could last forever
but you’re changing like the weather
and you’re never coming down
act like you’re the best i ever had
but it’s foolish to imagine that
can’t say it’s true
but i was happy then
tryna tie up
all the nappy ends
i was with my friends
but we had to part
so fall is coming in and summer

[part 2: psyche]

[intro: josh brugs]
it was a miracle i even got the whole verse, i’m a spaz

[verse 1: josh brugs]
from day one it’s been day two ’cause i’m so ahead of my time
age three i was in grade three ’cause i had to start on that grind
from fifth grade grade to ninth grade ’cause the middle kids caught lackin’
graduated from eleventh grade said f-ck twelve with a p-ssion
now i got my whole life ahead but i swear this sh-t just don’t feel right
i sleep all through the morning but i wake up every night (ay)
work that nine to five but it’s when the lights go out
it’s when the fear leaves and there’s no one there to doubt
everybody loves me like i’m in the 88s
everybody saying that i’m pretty f-cking great
everybody loves me like i’m in the 88s
everybody loves me like i’m in the 88s

[verse 2: cy]
come on in, i’ll give you hospitality, i want in
don’t show it, don’t wanna get this out of me, i’ll flow it
don’t test it, f-cking with my duality, you flex it
i’ll check in
i can’t remember what i gained a lesson from your pressure cooking up all of my specters looking at the chaos emblems ricocheting of your catches, i promise
destiny is manifesting all my risen emb-ssies
uplifting all my enemies
creating all this energy

[bridge: seigi]
i put that on my psyche
i put that on my nikes
your homeboy tryna fight me
i never take it lightly
i put that on my psyche
i’m running with my nikes
f-cking with my headsp-ce
i keep it f-cking icy

[verse 3: sam j]
rapping on the beat, no blueface
no one f-cking with you like mysp-ce
stop bro get up out my face
ya’ll ain’t keeping up with my pace, yeah
i ain’t f-cking with you that’s that
spitting all these bars that’s rap
i could go toe to toe with your boy and destroy him though and you know that that’s facts
this sh-t so poison expose you to lead
don’t f-ck with me ’cause you’re already dead
i ain’t got money ain’t stacking no bread
but i’ll still put a few bands on your head
call me frank ocean i’m in my room
this sh-t so dirty, sweep up with a broom
oh we so sh-tty that’s what you -ssume?
we coming up tho and bringing your doom
(doom, doom, doom, doom, doom, doom, doom)
oh so you think that you’re better than this?
don’t think i heard right must be a glitch
don’t forget
it’s 21(andoverit), b-tch