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21kasg – drip ft lyrics


all on my wrist and they have some stars
im off a bar we going to mars we going to
we was together then we fell apart
i have trust issues and i have some scars
feel like lil baby cuz i got the drip
i’m with the bro and he got the clip
drink out the pipe no styrofoam sip
i got the drove we sell by the tip

whoa whoa
me and my slime me and my slime
we selling dope so family dine
young 21 and he in his prime
rocks on the presi i can’t see the time
y’all act like some clowns im not talking mimes keep my circle small that’s lild-cks4lyfe
and i said f-ck 12 i do not comply

that love sh-t poison glowed up took time
can tell your mad you filled with cyanide running from your problems no you can’t hide
running from your problems no you can’t hide

(apl amkar)
ex be calling asking me to stay
tore my heart now i’m stuck in my ways
you are my light i’ll let you lead the way
the devils home location that you stay

b-tch you in love with the money
i knew that something was funny
the second you saidn you loved me i fell for your tricks you made me your crash dummy
you told your friends we were nothing
broke my heart crumpled it like a m-ffin
you love playing with peoples emotions
girl stop with the cappin you really don’t want it

(hook x2)