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21prado – now she wanna lyrics


(verse 1)
show me the way
cos i’m really tryna to get know you
when i say
might go insane
we never young twice
take it in now
when i say
summer , forever
fun times never change
when i say
summer , forever
we live it up like the usa (2x)

now she wanna run, run up on me
i’m tryna keep tracks down the history
i heard dem boys don’t like me
they be hating but they pree what that do for me?

(verse 2)
hey mamacita
turn up the speaker
looking at your body but the stacks getting higher
riders and keepers
hot but they shiver
i know what you want
you can get it , be my diva

and i want more
why you preeing for
see my grind now
tryna get my desires

tryna get a foreign
life’s getting boring
throw it right back
i’m the one to control it

now she be coming back
but don’t play no games around me
i’m tryna make it right
so don’t talk or ask about me

she slow whine when it’s hot in summer
need more time , go down
do it proper
she look bad got the juice & power
but more time she ain’t with it , don’t bother

im just tryna live my life
now she telling me she wants for keeps ( yeah yeah )
shots fired when i raise the bar
i don’t know what she wants from me ( yeah yeah)

(verse 3)

now she wanna run up
but i’m tryna turn up
turnthe b-ss down
make a move go one up

girl you the baddest
just save it for me (mamacita)
if i ran out of time
will you save it for me (que bonita)