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21prodigy – april cypher 2018 lyrics


april cypher time kids, let see how this goes

(verse 1: 21prodigy)
hah, b-tch thought she could hurt me?
b-tch i keep living life like i am care-free
and i know hearing me come for your -ss is kind of scary
cause we both know i check your -ss
n-gga if you wanna strike back, then gimme some good sh-t, not some bullsh-t s-ss
n-gga i hit my bars, like my girls, n-gga it’s always raw
you’re a b-tch and you can turn it down, but we all know it
n-gga tryna say, partying all day is so lit
you’re a skinny as n-gga, but gotta be honest, your hoes fit
n-gga you need tutoring, so sit
you think you the man, i whoop your -ss and put it in a bag
n-gga i don’t lie, i just rap
n-gga i hit you so hard, you gonna fall and take a nap
and just cause you have cash, you think everyone you see you can pay to tap
i’ll hurt people so bad, i even make a russian snap
i f-cked your girl so hard, her -ss started to clap
you think you look cool just cause you wear a hat?
if i asked you for some logic, you’d probably ask, “what is that?”
holy sh-t man, that last bar made me laugh
yeah it’s pitiful, i know
it’s despicable, i know
but i’m irresistible, i know
these bars are critical, i know
i’m invincible, i know

man the its the cypher
you so scared, hope you wearin a diaper
my mood is impossible to decifer
this war we fight is f-cking tribal
f-ck your lyrics, n0body even likes them
you can’t run, so you better hide man
though i’m gonna find you
n-gga i’m gonna pop you, with my armalite rifle
i don’t worship anybody, i’m my own idol
you wanna argue, n-gga i’m a fighter
your flow so old, n-gga use a typewriter
you think you’re a god? that’s not true, n-gga you’re a liar
you can hide your girl, but i promise i’ll find her
n-gga i plan to start sh-t just like phelps vs. snyder
n-gga grabbed a flow, i plan to ride it
should i whoop your -ss, i haven’t decided
my lyrics so cold, it feels just like frozen iron
check up next, may 13 for the next cypher