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21prodigy – back at it again lyrics


aye bro check
(verse 1 – 21prodigy)
aye bruh i’m in the game
spittin’ this rap, n-gga don’t spit on me
and if you do n-gga do try to flee
if you wanna throw, then n-gga i’ll see you in 3
f-ck the game, it ain’t new to me
ain’t here to set an influence
n-gga don’t disrespect with ignorance
i am the man, no doubt, we all know i’m the king of this
welcome to the game, is what they said
i told them welcome to h-ll, and they fled
n-gga’s try to run, it’s like a hoe left me on read
n-gga i’ll beat your -ss till you see red
cops hear me, get on they radios, that be alertin’ a 6-36
they be askin’ to use deadly force
imma have they wives cryin’ in remorse
n-gga i move so fast, n-ggas be askin if i have a porsche
got your b-tch in bed, she been askin’ for more
n-gga i plan to fly, my career is gonna soar
n-gga hit you so hard, pain gonna be in your core
you walk in the game, here i’ll show you the door
your girl might act loyal, but i promise she is a wh0r-
you gotta go outside, takin’ the trash out is my ch0r-
eminem ain’t a god, that’s just a lore
and don’t try to say i’m a hypocrite, i ain’t starting a war
i talk sh-t, but i have a reason
n-gga i been hunting, my preys are in season
don’t stab my back, that is treason
i heard you rap, i see why your parents wanted a transfer
don’t be askin’ god if you need an answer
f-ck the haters, myself is what i prefer
this is the freestyle you n-gga weren’t ready for
and i’m at the end, so don’t beg for some more