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21prodigy – jumped in (1 verse freestyle) lyrics


(verse 1 – xx21prodigyxx)
hey, how you doin?
brother you still producin?
you reppin’ up?
n-gga you still ain’t got no views so step it up
n-gga i been hittin the bars since i was 9
i been doin this for 5
but lost all my progress in a short year
you know me when i am near, n-gga
i’m in the game, but i wasn’t invited
i jumped in
now i plan to crush it
i may not be big now
but i still beat your -ss like kung lao
n-gga don’t even try to ask me how
f-ck the haters
n-ggas be soundin like tow mater
my nickname be the flow slayer
let’s not forget i’m the rap invader
n-gga tryna start beef, don’t be an instigator
f-ck you, don’t be a hater
b-tches tryna smash, i be like “come back later”
got another rap joiner, wanna jump-in, n-gga we is k!llin
it’s like vr, thrillin’
n-gga’s hate me like i am a villain
n-gga f-ck the world, we’ll make millions
prodigy vevo k!llin’
n-gga f-ck the game, cause we stealin
got the game in my head, n-gga that’s how i’m feelin’
636 is the area i been livin’
welcome the to crew, we plan to make millions
we movin’ in
we the fill’er up
n-gga, we big, we gettin’ buff
wanna fight, n-gga lets square it up
look i ain’t wanna start sh-t
i don’t like to fight, it’s not fit for me
but you wanna talk trash, and try to flee?
n-gga got a vengeance like die hard 3
but you wanna apologize, that’s cool with me